Unlocking Growth System 

– for Small Business

Does your business have a unique and compelling identity that separates you from the competition? Are your choices of media and message resulting in more business or are they turning the most profitable prospects away?  Do you charge the right price – staying competitive while generating enough profit for long term growth?
Unlocking Growth is a proven system that can get your business growing and your customer message correct.  Developed exclusively by 24K Marketing, it has been proven successful at small and mid-sized firms.
Three proprietary tools work together to drive success:
Unlocking Growth
Get Competitive— Build a competitive and meaningful identity for your business.
  • Identify what business you are in, who is your real customer and how are you uniquely positioned to win.   
  • Uncover opportunities that can be leveraged now
  • Build a compelling reason for customers to choose your business over the competition 

 Activate!  Bring your brand to life.  Reach out and touch your customer with powerful communication.

  •  Use the most effective mix of advertising, social media and public relations tools that have the greatest impact yet fit your budget

Radical Pricing –  Use pricing as a tool to grow your business

  • Know the competition
  • Set the right price
  • Justify your pricing to the toughest critics
If you would like to learn more about how you can use these tools now to drive your business forward, call 610-733-4504 or email for a discussion or assessment of your current business plan.