New Product Innovation – Profitable Ideas to Help Your Business Grow

product innovation at 24K Marketing

24K Marketing helps companies uncover ideas and turn them into compelling product innovation concepts. Experienced marketing, product design and consumer research resources work closely with clients to guide them through a streamlined process for the highest opportunity for market success.  Business potential is measured through customer and consumer feedback

24K Marketing is the partnership your business needs to bring new product innovation ideas forward. 


We bring experience that includes development and launch of hundreds of new food and household product SKUs at some of the  largest consumer product organizations. –  products that recaptured growth and grew market share. 

Food Products

  • Snacks
  • Ready to Eat Cereal
  • Breakfast Pastries
  • Fruit Snacks
  • Herbal and Specialty Teas

Household products

  • Shoe and Leather Polishes and Cleaners
  • Fabric Cleaners and Protectors
  • Insoles and Shoe Accessories

Industry Analysis and Market Assessments have also been conducted in the following categories

  • Natural and Organic Foods
  • Wellness Foods
  • Energy Bars and Meal Replacements
  • Retail Concepts in Food and Clothing Care
  • Insoles
  • Breakfast Products

Streamlined product innovation approach ensures ideas have the highest likelihood of success

  1. Industry Analysis and Market Assessment –   This first step looks at industry trends and customer trends to determine unmet needs in the category.  Competitors and industry trends can also be analyzed in new categories.
  2. Brainstorming / Ideation  –  This is a team approach where the best product platform areas yeild a large number of opportunities for new product development
  3. Concept Development –  a selected group of high potential ideas are brought to life from both a design and marketing standpoint. The idea is developed into a compelling consumer concept with unique benefit, key claims and technologies are identified.  Ideas are tested for consumer acceptance
  4. Product Development –  This stage involves product design, packaging and full feasibility.  A business case for launch and sustainable profitability is also built.

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