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I am developing a tool that will help your organization in the following ways

  1. Understand your current marketing strengths and weaknesses
  2. Prioritizes the marketing needs of your organization’
  3. Provides instructional direction for what specific actions are now needed

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You will get several hours of my best thinking regarding your organization’s needs, and the survey is completely confidential and the data will never be shared.

This is a beta test while I refine the report output.  I already have several organizations i have helped with this and need more real-life organizational input to ensure the report format is solid. There are NO STRINGS ATTACHED and I am not trying to sell you anything.   The beta test of this report is so that I can sharpen the graphs and reporting format with live data and to make sure I have this whole thing set up right – really!  I am so excited to offer this new tool to organizations, and for a limited time I am giving the entire report away for free.

You benefit by having a full report on the prioritized needs of how to drive your organizations marketing outreach.