The Competitive Growth Assessment – a Diagnostic Tool to Uncover Profitable Growth for Your Business

The Growth Assessment is a tool which allows a business to identify the key drivers of growth.  It also identifies current capability levels and what will be needed to achieve this growth. 

 The Three Growth Factors

The Growth Assessment examines 3 key areas most important for profitable growth:

Assessment Inputs:

1.  Goals for the business – Growth, share and profit margin are bench-marked and future goals are identified

2.  Importance of Key Drivers – Each growth factor is scored as to its importance in achieving the business goals

3.  Current Capabilities – Each growth factor is scored against a set of ideals to set a benchmark level.   

Results Identify Opportunities for Improvement

The assessment tool compares current areas of strength to those needed to accomplish the business objectives and identifies gaps. Output also prioritizes areas to address. 



The final report provides recommendations for improvement and uncovers opportunities for growth. 

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